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Westalee 101 & 202 at QuiltTrends!

We love to feature the Westalee Rulers! So fun and so easy to use! We offer two hands-on classes per month, and demos-on-demand! Stop in, we’ll show you!

WESTALEE 101: we will teach you how to use the Westalee Ruler Foot and Westalee Rulers on your own machine. All will be successful! The series  focuses  on the Arc Ruler plus the 6 rulers in the Westalee Sampler Set and the book “Janet’s Ruler Quilt Design Book”.

Each month we will focus on a specific ruler in the Sampler Set, and we’ll show you how to use that ruler to make various designs. You will practice these quilting designs on your own practice sandwich while in class, and we’ll be able to assist you whenever necessary. You can then use this design in a sampler quilt; the design is in the book. Another option is to quilt a small item: table runner, placemat, etc. We encourage you to apply your new knowledge to a finished product each month, instead of just practice pieces. In this way you will see the usefulness of the Westalee Rulers, and will have finished projects to attest to this!

We will show you additional rulers each month, some will compliment the featured ruler, and some will be totally different!

Westalee 101 meets from 10 am – 1 pm the following days:

Month #1:   7/15        Spinning Wheel #36

Month #2:   8/12       2” Simple Circle

Month #3:   9/9         12” Arc Ruler

Month #4:    10/21    Mini Clamshell

Month #5:    11/11      6” Spiral

Month #6:    12/9      4” Arc, Spin-E-Fex, 12” Arc

WESTALEE 202: is for those who want MORE Westalee!! Each month we will show you a different Westalee template, usually we discuss and choose the template to feature at the previous class. We are always open to suggestions!

Westalee 202 meets from 1:30-3:30 pm the following days:

Month #1:   7/15      London Bell Curve

Month #2:   8/12     Feathers

Month #3:   9/9      Ropes, Mini Baptist Fans, Honeycomb

Month #4:  10/21    ??

Month #5:   11/11     ??

Month #6:   12/9      ??


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