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NEW Fabric has arrived!! YEA!!

I am sooo excited!!
I ordered fabrics the last week the store was opened….it seemed rather odd! But it was fun to start something NEW as the brick and mortar was winding down after 15 years!

So here I am, vacationing at my sister’s and BIL’s down at the beach, and here comes an email that fabric has been delivered!
WHAT?? It is July 4th…and I am in Florida, and there are two large boxes sitting on my porch waiting to be stolen!
PANIC!!! So…sitting at a July 4th gathering, I am texting SOS’s to whomever I can think of!! Who do I know that I can ask to go (pre-fireworks, mind you) and rescue my fabric?!?!
Well, as always…the Hughes’ to the rescue! Shane has already been to the house, saw the boxes and dragged them in!
So now in the middle of my living room, along with stacks of papers and invoices we are organizing, there sits 2 large boxes of fabric!

Now I can hardly wait to get home and open those boxes! Any guesses what’s in there? Here’s a hint:

  • about 20 bolts
  • from Timeless Treasures
  • all Tonga Batiks

Leave me a comment with your best guess!! Stay tuned for more info!!

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