Brown Bag Mystery Quilt “Go Brutus!”


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Product Description

“Double the Fun” Brown Bag Mystery Quilt by QuiltTrends.

Colorway: Go Brutus!

This Brown Bag includes 5 fabrics totaling 7 yards of gorgeous new fabrics. The focus fabric for this Brown Bag is a licensed OSU  print featuring Brutus with football AND basketball images. The 4 other fabrics are chosen to complement this fabric. The combo is beautiful!

This OSU combo features a DARKER background; the other OSU Brown Bag “Go Bucks” has a LIGHTER background.

Also included in the Brown Bag are Cutting Instructions as well as an Information Sheet from QT with all the details.

You will receive the pattern a clue at a time, one every other week. Clues will be dropped in the mail on Fridays starting Friday, March 19 and ending May 28. The 6th clue is the layout and the mystery is solved!

“Double the Fun” finishes at 54” x 70” without borders. You will have enough remaining fabric for scrappy binding.

You may also purchase a border/binding package, available here under a separate listing.

Once you purchase your Brown Bag, we can invite you to the secret “Double the Fun” Facebook page where you can meet others who are participating, starting Feb 1. Karen Montgomery, the designer who created the BB Mystery Quilt, will post a demo about the clue on the Fridays the clues are mailed. You can view these videos on the FB Brown Bag Page.

In order to be invited to the FB Page, we must have the EMAIL YOU USED TO SIGN UP FOR FACEBOOK. Please leave us a note in this order to let us know what that email is.

Shipping for the Brown Bag and all the clues is free!