Stitch N Peel by Bosal Lightweight Stabilizer Embroidery & Applique


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Product Description

Bosal Stitch-N-Peel Hand Embroidery/Applique Stabilizer is a lightweight stabilizer ideal for hand embroidery, applique, and apparel. Bosal Stitch-N-Peel Hand Embroidery/Applique Stabilizer is 70% rayon and 30% polyester and 19″ wide off the bolt.

Embroidery: The sticky back helps fabric stay in place while sewing. Easily remove Bosal Stitch-N-Peel Hand Embroidery Stabilizer after sewing.

Applique: Cut out shape, peel off backing, stick shape on wrong side of fabric. Trim leaving 1/4″ seam allowance. Using a glue stick, turn fabric to back of the shape. Hand applique shape to background, or machine applique shape to background using small zigzag or blind hem stitch. No need to remove Stitch N Peel.  After quilting and laundering, the Stitch N Peel adds a touch of extra batting to the applique for a beautiful look! The sticky goes away.