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Fall Schedule 2009

Monday, August 17th, 2009

I’ve been working on the new schedule of classes and events for the fall. Being the non-office type that I am, it’s been a hard week! I love the vision, idea part, but the paperwork part…that’s my sister, not me.

But, perseverance is strength, so I did it. Watch for an email late next week!

Here’s a quick preview of events:

  • Two major HandiQuilter events! If you own an HQ16 or Fusion, or if you have taken the HQ Rental classes, these events are for you!

  • Two Cutting/Sewing Workshops to help you use up your stash!

  • Two Saturday Demo Days where you can learn for free!! On Saturday, October 17 we’ll demo a bunch of notions and gadgets, and on Saturday, November 14 we’ll have a long list of quick, easy but very cute gift ideas.


Expanded UFO schedule:

Saturday, Sept 19 from 3-10

Saturday, Oct 17 from 3-1

Saturday, Nov 21 from NOON – 10 pm Special Edition for us non-football types!!

     Saturday, Dec 5  from NOON – 10 pm—more time=more sewing!

Saturday, Dec 19 from NOON – 10 pm 



Guest Teachers at QuiltTrends

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Living in Central Ohio, we’re very fortunate to be able to take advantage of some fantastic teachers. At QuiltTrends, we have three guest teachers this Fall.

Frauke Palmer is a former Physics teacher in Worthington, and has the most amazing eye for color. You might remember her trunk show that we were privileged to hang for Frauke Palmerawhile. I joked with her that one or two pieces might end up missing, or at least residing at my house! We all enjoyed sitting in the classroom to work, and just soaking in those wonderful pieces. The room looked so empty when we sent them home with Frauke.

Anyway, you’ll enjoy her class! She’s teaching Contemporary Curves, or how to just make up a block with no pattern! You’ll enjoy her style, and her personality as well! Contemporary Curves is Saturday, October 27.

Kate Sturman Gorman is an Artist in Residence for the Ohio Arts CouKate Gormanncil, and is a storyteller using fabric to communicate! She uses a photograph, makes a pattern, and using color and value, transforms a black and white photo into a work of art! Interesting? This picture of a bunny is one of my favorites that Kate has done. Notice the unusual color? Doesn’t it say cute? Fun? Cuddly? Safe to hold? See? A storyteller! Sign up for her class on Saturday, November 3. You’ll enjoy her style and learn a lot, too.

Esterita Austin is coming to QuiltTrends on November 9 & 10, for a 2 day hands on class! Fresh back from Italy and Egypt, she will have much to share! Esterita is Esterita Austin’s class projectinternationally acclaimed, and recently taught at QSDS this past summer. Esterita adds the third dimension to everything she does. She is a master of Color VS Value, and uses both to her advantage. Ordinary “things” (like a doorway or portal) come alive with her translations! Visit her website www.EsteritaAustin.com and look at her creations.

She is teaching us these concepts using this still life photo. She’ll provide the pattern, and we will turn it into a quilt! Join us on Friday night, November 9 for a demo, where Esterita will show you some embellishment techniques. Checkout out website for more details!

I hope you’ll enjoy these classes. I’m always open to new ideas for guest teachers, and we try to be different! How are we doing?

Classes are now online!

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

We’ve just completed a new class list for Fall 2007, and we are excited! We’ve tried to choose classes featuring patterns that are challenging, but fun! Visual Treats!

I love simple designs that let those beautiful fabrics show off. Why not let the fabrics carry the load? Kathy, on the other hand, likes to cut her fabrics into the tiniest of triangles, only to paste them back together again. So, we go back and forth.

We tried to pick classes that would challenge, yet be fun enough for a hobby. You’ll notice we have several guest teachers this quarter. Frauke Palmer—she’s a former high school physics teacher–is a terrifically talented art quilter who’s never taken a quilt class! But, WOW! I love to watch her choose fabrics for a project. It’s fun to see her stack a few bolts and fine tune, until she has exactly what she sees in her head reflected in the stack. Soon, she comes back in with a remarkable original creation. So, don’t miss her class, because it will be organized and you’ll learn alot about “Contemporary Curves”, while having fun.

Kate Sturman Gorman is another local artist, who has taught at QuiltTrends before, as well as at schools all over the state. If she can inspire high school boys to do “fabric collaging” (not quilting!), then she certainly can work with us, right? She’ll show you how to take a photo and translate it into fabric, via copier! Fun??

This summer, Becky Dickson taught us all how to make fabric bowls by wrapping fabric around clothesline, and they were not only fun to make, but looked pretty darned good. I, myself, have decided to switch to fabric bowls for Christmas gifts instead of quilts. Give this a try—you’ll like it!

Esterita Austin’s class projectLast, but not least, Esterita Austin will be at QuiltTrends for 2 days on Friday, November 9 and Saturday, November 10. We’ll hone down the exact class topic(s) when she is back in the States, but it will be great. She is remarkably talented, with quite a few best of shows to her name.

So, check out our website at www.QuiltTrends.com and look at the “classes” page. Then, call and sign up for a class! We’d love to see you!