2024 Brown Bag Mystery “Beaded Berries”


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Product Description

If you LOVE this Border Print, you’ll LOVE this bag.

This Brown Bag contains 5 Fabrics, the first four fabrics labeled A-D and a fifth fabric which is the background. The fabric featured in the photo for this bag IS NOT in this bag: it is for the optional border. Many larger prints are simply too large for this project. Such is case with this print! The scale of the fabric in the photo is too large to look great in the actual quilt top, so we’re saving this fabric for the BORDER ONLY. Since we can only show one fabric for this mystery, we are showing the border fabric to demonstrate the colors in the quilt.

If you LOVE this Border Print, you’ll LOVE this bag.

In the bag are Fabrics A-D which are BLENDERS that are specifically chosen to complement this BORDER fabric that is shown. This is enough fabric to construct the quilt top (plus some error room), not including binding.

Also included in the bag: Welcome Info with instructions on how to join the PRIVATE BBM Facebook Group, Full Color Cutting Instructions, and a tip sheet from QuiltTrends giving you even more information.

Borders and Binding:   Optional 3 Yard fabric packets for the Border and Binding are available for each Brown Bag as an additional purchase  If you think you want to add the optional border with this featured fabric, we strongly recommend purchasing your Border Packet NOW, because quantities are limited. If we have border packets that don’t sell, we use them in another Brown Bag…so don’t wait!

Clues:  The first of five clues will be mailed on Friday, March 15, and every two weeks after that. Instructional videos containing tips and tricks on how to make the units will be uploaded at 6 am EST to the BBM24 Facebook page on Clue Saturday . Not on Facebook?  No problem, when the clue arrives in the US mail,  follow the detailed instructions in the pattern. Clear instructions are given in the clues, you just won’t get to see the videos if you aren’t on Facebook.

Shipping for the Brown Bag and all the clues is FREE!! 

Karen is recommending the use of Triangles on a Roll (2” size) and the Creative Grids 2.5”x6.5” Ruler, available with your favorite QS NAME….we have them! She will be showing Fabric Prep on a video, and she uses Magic Premium Quilting Spray, also available from QT!

Click on “BBM Handy Extras” to order yours. We will refund shipping overages when we can combine orders!

Brown Bag Mystery is a program exclusive to the 60-ish Local Quilt Shops that are part of Sewposium, founded by former Quilt Store owner and Designer Karen Montgomery. She does a fantastic job bringing you a new and fresh design every year. You will learn a lot from her!