Spot on Dot Magnifying Lens 1 inch

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Product Description

Do you need a little help seeing the exact cutting line?
Is it hard to line up your ruler to trim blocks?
Never Fear!
Spot On Dot to the Rescue!
Spot on Dot allows you to see exactly where you’ve lined up your fabric on your ruler by giving you magnified visibility at the point that matters most. For precision-perfect accuracy, Spot on Dots are the perfect tool for you!
The small dot is 1 inch in diameter. At the center, magnification is 3x.
Place Spot on Dot adhesive side down onto your favorite ruler at the spot you want to magnify. The reusable adhesive ring will prevent the Spot on Dot from shifting while you make precise cuts. The Spot on Dot stays in place until you remove it. Store in its case after use. You can reactivate the grip on the Spot On Dot by simply washing with mild soap and water.