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QuiltTrends is now ONLINE ONLY!!

It is indeed with very mixed emotions that I write this to you!

On the one hand, David and I will have more time for family and friends, and maybe even have the time to have fun together! Even though we’ll both still be working, it will not be the extreme hours that a retail store demands. We’ll be able to do the normal day to day things we’ve missed for 15 years. I will actually be able to use that new HQ Stitch machine!

But on the other hand, we will miss our QT Community! Part of our mission statement from 2003 was to build a community of quilters, where each person could be them, whomever that may be, and where each person was known, appreciated and accepted completely.

I hear comments and receive emails that tell me we have succeeded. We’ve watched new friendships form between customers, and we’ve been able to provide space for old friendships to continue. This, I will miss!

Education was also in our mission statement, for learning is the key to life. I will miss seeing you in classes, for it is a wonderful thing to impart even the little bit of knowledge that I have and watch the A-Ha! moment happen! If you are one of our hundreds of beginning students, THANK YOU!!

What will become of QuiltTrends? Good question!! Here’s the plan:

  • I am taking off the month of July: spending a few weeks at my sister and BIL’s in Florida!
  • In August, 15 years after opening QuiltTrends, I hope to open the NEW QuiltTrends ONLINE! I’ll be on facebook with details, as well as twitter, so join me!! Also, I’ll still be emailing, so watch your Inbox!
  • We plan to continue our relationship with Handi Quilter, watch for details. Meanwhile, if you need a repair, please email us at [email protected].

We cannot adequately express our gratitude to you…ALL of you…for your support of our dream for the last 15 years. I hope you’ve noticed that we are fully aware that we would not have survived 15 years without YOU! You are the reason for our being, and we thank you for that.

We have met so many wonderful people through QuiltTrends, and formed many great friendships: hopefully we can keep up! Hint: Now Sue will have time to sew with you!

We also want to express our admiration and gratitude to our QT Staff…they are all part of a smooth-running team! It is not the easiest, working for a married couple, but they do it with much understanding and grace for both of us.  We will miss you all!

Remember two things:

1: Any day you wake up and see a palm tree, it’s a good day!

2: Life is short, so sew every day!

Thank you all for 15 wonderful years! It’s been a great run!

Sue and David Sandritter

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